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Hi, my name is Islam Ahmed and I'm the creator of booksandtype. I live in New Jersey (don't you dare belch!), but my dream has always been to live in New York City. I'm graduating from Rutgers University this October with a double-majoring in psychology and sociology, so if I spring some really deep thoughts or ideas on you, don't be alarmed. Ultimately, I plan to attend graduate school and get my Ph.D. in neuroscience and/or psychology after I do my time as an undergraduate. I enjoy reading (obviously), blogging, taking pretty pictures, going to the movies, drinking coffee, etc.

I initiated this blog in June 2015, and originally, I was using the (unfortunate) Weebly platform, but subsequently moved here (here being Blogger) for a better blogging experience and more freedom. Then abooksblog, this blog was solely dedicated to the review of books and such, but I thought it was too dull and so once, Tumblr piqued my interest in typography, AND LO AND BEHOLD, BOOKSANDTYPE WAS BORN. So, now, in addition to book reviews, and open letters, I publish posts about relatively diverse topics without straying too far from the original purpose of this blog (though I may publish a few occasional random posts)

    My Reviews

Okay, a disclaimer: the reviews I write aren't particularly formal. I try to make them so, but I end up getting carried away and write just about whatever comes to mind. Also, I don't sugarcoat. Or rather, I try not to. I'm not very evasive when it comes to my reviews. If I don't like a book, I'll say so. I might feel guilty about it after the fact, but it's my duty as a professional reader and reviewer to convey my thoughts on books as they are, unfiltered and unmodified.

Please appreciate the beautiful yet completely irrelevant picture of these flowers I found on Pinterest.


If you want to ask a question, recommend a book, have any feedback to give about anything on the blog, or just want to discuss the weather just shoot me an email, leave a comment anywhere or get in touch with me through any of the social mediums. The icons are on the navigation menu (which can't be seen on the mobile version)