Rating Rubric

The rating rubric is as follows: it's pretty simple. What can I say? I'm a (relatively) simple gal. 

Five Stars

I absolutely loved this book! Amazing! Incredible! I don't give many books five stars, I usually find something wrong with the book.

Four and a half stars

Great book!

Four stars

I liked this book.

Three and a half stars

I thought this book was a little better than okay.

Three stars

This book was okay.

Two and a half stars


Two stars

I didn't like this book.

One and a half stars

I really didn't like this book. Why am I bothering with it again?

One star

I hated this book. In fact, I shouldn't even write a review for it. If I do than it's only because I have to vent my frustration after reading it (and it is my duty as a professional reader to review all books I read)