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velvet 7-11-17

velvet is towards the top of islam's list of current obsessions. two of the three shoes i've purchased in the past year are velvet. i just recently bought a velvet top from asos. i think its safe to say that my obsession has not yet gotten out of hand, but is very nearly so.

the art of the manuscript 6-27-17

the art of the manuscript is one to behold. i'm an art enthusiast, in case you haven't yet noticed. there are a few mediums of art that i greatly appreciate. such care and attention has been put into the detail of these manuscripts. the majority-if not all- of the text on the manuscripts is latin. now, i don't know latin, but i gather the manuscripts i've chosen to present on this entry are biblical tales. please enjoy the manuscripts as i have and pay close attention to the detail in the exquisite illustrations and handwritten text.

favorites on the "editorial" 6-16-17

the artists whose art works are posted on this portion of the page include: Jasmine Dowling and a few unknown art enthusiasts. 

Fall 2016 10-15-16

Fall dialouge 1.png

Fall dialouge 1.png

Wall Art  5-27-16

Here are links to some of the wall prints. If there's a specific one print you like that I haven't posted the link to, let me know in the comments below and I'll be happy to provide you with it.

Max Wanger Twins Art Print

Kimberley Dhollander Dreamy Houses Art Print

Max Wanger Diver Art Print

Dreamy Venice

Modern Flower Wall Print

Marble Print Poster




Digital Scrapbook: Introduction

New segment! Every so often, I'll be posting an entry on this page that has a collection of pictures I made and/or just found on online (on tumblr most likely). Each entry will have its own theme, whether it's landscapes, the color pink, or fashion. I'm super-excited for this, I'll be posting the first entry sometime this week. The most recent entries will be at the every top. Stay tuned!

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