Open Letters: Lissa Dragomir (The Vampire Academy Series)

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

This letter was written in an interview-style because she is - of course- a queen, not just anyone can send her letters. Also, this is her Highness's copy

Dear Your Highness Vasilisa,

How are you? Is all well? I just have a couple questions for you today, I know you have a busy schedule. First, how did you feel when you found out you were elected Queen?  Did you feel at all anxious? Apprehensive? How did your u feel about how the people's acceptance of (or lack thereof) your reign? How did your boyfriend Christian Ozera take it? Speaking of Mr. Ozera, is he good support?


*Apparently, the letter was too long (that was decided by her royal letter interceptors because she's VERY busy)  so they cut it shorter. 

*The girl in the picture is Lucy Fry, who played Vasilisa in the movie. I thought she was great. 

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