Obsidian (Lux #1) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Monday, March 21, 2016

I realized I reviewed a lot of books on Goodreads before I started blogging that I haven't posted, so I decided that I should. Over the course of the next week or so, I'll be putting them up.

Disclaimer: I reviewed Obsidian sometime last year, so if this review seems a little weird that may be why. I'm also going to bombard you with Crowley gifs.

4.5 out of 5 stars

First, I want to say that if Goodreads had a half-star, I would have rated this book four and a half stars. But since there isn't, I settled for five, because it felt kind of wrong to give it four stars. The first half of the book I would have rated four stars, but the second half was much better, hence the five stars. I loved this book! It was great!

Anyway...I've been wanting to read this one for a while, so instead of just waiting to buy it in paperback, I just bought the eBook. I had pretty high expectations before I started reading it, and as I started the book, I have to say I was a little let down at first. Just a little. The writing style was kind of weird to me, but I think that's because I've been reading third person books for a while, and I had just finished reading Pride and Prejudice, so any writing style would have been a letdown. So when I read about a quarter I was like "when does this book get good" but a few pages or so later, I got my answer.

Finally, the story was picking up, I was figuring out the plot and I couldn't stop reading. There were a few things that I wrongly perceived: I was suspicious of Dr. Michaels, I thought when he started taking out Katy's mom on dates, that he was an Arum trying to get to Katy by getting close to her mom but in the end, my suspicions were terminated.

Disappointingly, he turned out to be a boring human with no significance in the story. Also, for a while, I thought Simon was an alien as well. I couldn't decide if he was Luxen or Arum, but it seemed, in the end, my dilemma was pointless, he was, in fact, human as w

There were parts where I would laugh out loud either because of what Katy or Daemon said. I felt Katy's pain, confusion, annoyance, and occasional happiness. Daemon was so infuriating and whatever Katy did after he did something frustrating was perfect. Like when she dumped spaghetti over his and Ash's heads, I almost cried from laughter. This is literally how Katy dealt with Daemon throughout the book. She didn't take any of his crap.

All in all, I think this is a great book. I loved J.Lynn's concept of the aliens. It was awesome. I can't wait to read the second one. Really. I. CAN'T. WAIT.

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