Movie News: The "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" Trailer Discussion

Monday, April 18, 2016

You, my dear readers, might not yet know this, (how can you not have figured it out by now) but I LOVE Harry Potter. I love the books, the movies, EVERYTHING. Harry Potter is my childhood (and adulthood, absolutely no shame there) And when I found out that there's going to be another movie, I was excited. And skeptical. Initially, I had thought maybe it's just another bout of wishful thinking from a fan. But then I found out it was real. You can imagine how I felt. Then I found out Eddie Redmayne was playing the lead role.

I absolutely adore Eddie Redmayne. Even though this specific film isn't an adaptation in the sense that isn't based on a book, they (casters) couldn't have picked someone better. It's interesting because considering all the roles in all the films Eddie Redmayne played, you wouldn't have thought he would be in a film based on the wizarding world.

I love how it takes place in New York, we saw what looked like the Grand Central Station, and the familiar skyline.The 1920s esque- though I'm not entirely sure that's the setting- is pretty cool. The attire, the surroundings, etc. We're introduced to many aspects of the wizarding world that didn't really know existed. For example, these fantastical beasts we're supposed to find. I don't recall the Harry Potter books or movies putting much emphasis on beasts, with the exception of detentions, which are creatures that suck out the happiness from a person; basilisk snake, huge serpentine-like creatures; centaurs, common in more than just the wizrding world; boggarts shape-shifters that shift into person's worst fear, etc. I'm excited to see what we're in for. This may be my most anticipated film of the year. I'm super-psyched! 

Here's the trailer if you didn't watch it for some reason:

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