Rapture (Fallen #4) by Lauren Kate

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Reminder: I wrote this review about two years ago, so forgive me if it's a little...strange. It isn't a review as much as it is a rant.

5 out of 5 stars


HOLY HELL. I JUST FINISHED THE BOOK. I swear I didn't mean to. I mean, I'll never be the same after this. THIS BOOK HAD ONE OF THE MOST UNEXPECTED SHOCKERS I HAVE EVER READ. Seriously, Luce was an angel the ENTIRE FREAKING' TIME! And worse still, Lucifer was her first love. Lemme put that on caps so I can emphasize my shock. FREAKING' LUCIFER WAS HER FIRST LOVE. SHE WAS IN LOVE WITH THE LATER-TO-BECOME-THE-DEVIL LUCIFER! AND LUCE IS AN ANGEL. I still can't get over that. No amount of words-on-caps can truly display my shock. Now I know why I. the first book Fallen Molly passed a note to Lucinda rhetorically asking her "Luce. Lucifer. Any relation?" I didn't ponder on it much then, but now, I'm like "Maybe Molly isn't such a bitch after all"

Okay, enough. Let me start from the beginning. When I first started Fallen, I loved the book. There was just one problem... When I finished the book, my questions weren't answered, and if they were answered then they weren't answered to my satisfaction. I don't think they were answered to anyone's satisfaction really. So, naturally, when I started Rapture I was thinking, like, Lauren is probably going to find a way to avoid answering our very large amount of questions that haven't been answered in any of the first three books. Except, when I reached a log more than half of the book, I was afraid I was right, because I still had no inkling of how the hell Luce was supposed to break the "curse", and if the "curse" was really a "curse" and if Sofia was right, that Luce was just some stupid teenage girl that fell in love with some guy she thought was hot, and that it was stupid to put the universe's fate in this stupid girl and the boy she's infatuated with's hands. I was so close to thinking Ms. Sofia was on to something. Unfortunately for my past self (the one who was reading Fallen) will not be pleased to hear that no, you will not have your questions answered in the next book or the one after that.

That said, when I went on to Torment, I loved it too. I especially loved the whole Thanksgiving dinner. It was too funny, the tension between everyone was HILARIOUS. Especially between Daniel and Miles. The glare Daniel shot at Miles when he wanted to sit next to Luce. I mean, wow, if only looks could kill Miles would have died ten times over. However funny and clever I thought the Thanksgiving dinner was, my happiness and joy were temporary. Why you ask? Because stupid Lucinda had to ruin everything by stepping into an Announcer. I'm sorry if you don't realize this sweety, but running away from your problems doesn't make them go away, let alone stepping into Announcer to dodge them. I felt like flinging the book across my room after I finished that one.
And when I started Passion. I'm just gonna say, what a way to start another one of your mentally dysfunctioning books. Make the reader confused.
The very first scene was when Ms. Sofia was at some horse race with some Elders and outcasts. I literally had to go back to Torment read the ending and wonder if I missed something because I had no idea what was going on. And when a man was mentioned, automatically, my first thought was Lucifer. But guess what? I didn't get to find out until Rapture. Surprise, surprise. And it wasn't that I found out that in that exact scene the man was Lucifer, no, I had to piece that together on my own. Anyways, I breezed through Passion and loved it, but again my questions remained unanswered. While Luce's decision to step through the Announcer (and a stupid one at that) to escape from the Outcasts, her family and friends was very unfortunate, I enjoyed reading about her reliving her lives. I think my favorite reincarnation of Lucinda (besides Luce of course) was Lucia, the Lucinda of Italy. She seemed nice and friendly and mature for age.

When Daniel jumped off the cliff, I WAS FREAKING HEARTBROKEN. So was Luce, BUT SHE WASN'T HEART BROKEN ENOUGH. Even after seeing that, I remember reading a part when Luce STILL questioned HIS love. THE GUY JUST JUMPED OFF THE FREAKING' CLIFF FOR YOU AND STILL QUESTION HIS LOVE, YOU STUPID GIRL!!....Just thinking about it now gets me all emotional. And Bill. Bill. Bill. Bill. I knew from the beginning Luce shouldn't have trusted the guy. Or gargoyle. Or devil. Whatever. Just know that I was suspicious of him from the beginning. And that other Scale that lead Daniel astray. I had a feeling it was Bill/Lucifer. I actually liked Bill. Now I really wish he was an actual good Scale. Although I later find out that Scale angels equal bad-angels-who-think-they're-good-angels. Which brings us to Rapture. When I first held the book in my hand, I was awestruck because that was when I realized not just the beauty of the book cover but that each book's cover symbolized the book's main setting. For example,  Fallen's woodsy book cover symbolized the woods that surmounted Sword & Cross and the cemetery. Torment was that scene when Cam and Daniel were tying up that guy they killed. Passion was probably the Announcers. Rapture was most definitely the location of the Fall in Troy. I think Rapture was my favorite, and Torment a very close second.

So, Rapture. Right. I started and everything was happening so fast. First, Daniel suddenly thought of the relics and that maybe they would be pieces to breaking the "curse" but I was really thinking that looking for the relics, something they don't even know will stop Lucifer, taking that chance was really risky because what if they found the relics and in the end, they weren't even the answers to their problem. But I guess they had to start somewhere. When they met Dee, I was very skeptical. I was suspicious and didn't trust her. I developed serious trust issues after reading the first one when it all started with Ms. Sofia's betrayal. I really expected Dee to betray them any moment and say that she still believed in the Elder's mission. Even though she was the desideratum. I didn't trust her. But then she proved herself to be good when she sacrificed herself. And that's when the getting gets good. The blood that Dee put on Luce's forehead somehow triggered the answers not just Luce, but the answers we've all been waiting for. Well...except not really. We still had to go through another flight from Mount Sinai to the location of the Fall in Troy. But hey, at least we got our answers.

When Luce got the flashbacks, in her second or third one she was in a place flooded with light. I rightly assumed it was heaven. And then my fiefs thought was: "WHAT THE HELL IS SHE DOING IN HEAVEN?!?" I didn't like what Lauren Kate was insinuating. Then my worst fear was realized: Luce is and always has been an angel. A FREAKING' ANGEL. *Sigh* Anyways, finding out that devilishly handsome (originated from its namesake) Lucifer was Lucinda's first love, NOT Daniel. All that time I actually thought the whole story was about some mundane girl that an Archangel Daniel fell in love with while he was in Heaven, while the truth was quite the opposite, Lucinda is anything but mundane and more of an archangel than Daniel ever was. At least now I know that she wasn't shallow. I don't like that God was portrayed as a woman. I'm not being sexist or anything because I am after all a woman. But God is always He. He is Great. He is Almighty. He is Powerful. Speaking of which, I felt like God didn't have any say in all that was happening until the end ('bout time You Intervened)

Why couldn't Luce and Daniel just choose Heaven and love each other in Heaven? I understand that their love isn't an option in Heaven because all their love and adoration must solely be for God. But...come on...couldn't He (or for the sake of the book) She make an exception? As mortals, there are a lot of things that can happen, they can fight, they could somehow get separated. And God said She couldn't guarantee their meeting as mortals. How could they risk it? Even if they did meet and all went well, death will still do them apart. There was just too much at stake. And when Luce accepted the offer on one condition. I thought maybe she was going to ask God to guarantee their meeting or to let them keep in touch with their angel friends or even bring back Gabbe and Molly. But never did I expect her to ask that God takes back the Outcasts. I had forgotten about hem until then and thought it was sweet of Luce.

The ending was too much for me. First I thought Max was mortal Daniel but it turned it was Daniel at all, then I was sure that Daniel was that coin tossing guy and that didn't go so well because Daniel didn't have a square face, then finally some guy shows up when Luce was getting some fresh air outside the party. A guy that was questionably wearing a red scarf around his neck and black/white Church Taylor's, the same guy had blond hair and gray eyes with a touch of- what was that- a touch of violet in his eyes? His name was Daniel and turns out Luce and Daniel had a lot in common...
At least in this lifetime, he didn't flip her off... *Sniff**Sniff

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