The Illustrated Editions of the Harry Potter Series

Sunday, April 24, 2016

I think it's safe to say that I've published more Harry Potter related posts in the last few days than I have of any other series. Speaks volumes of my obsession.

Recently, I found out that the second book of the Harry Potter series, the Chamber of Secrets (who doesn't know that), is going to have its own illustrated edition as well. I thought maybe it was a one book thing, that only the Sorcerer's Stone would be a published illustrated edition, but apparently, all seven of them are going to be turned into beautifully illustrated books. So, I made it my mission to order Sorcerer's Stone and pre-order Chamber of Secrets. I plan on getting the entire set.

The illustrations of Hogwarts are so beautifully detailed it makes me wonder just how long the process of completing one illustration was. Its takes a lot of patience and talent to create the images Jim Kay did. I have neither.

I find it interesting that the dimensions of the drawings are different, yet they're so similar. For example, the shape of Harry's eyes stay relatively the same throughout each image.

"Yeah — she’s smart, but she’s also slightly bossy. She’s wonderful. She’s more of an adult than I am. I’m always messing about, and she’s always correcting me. I think she’s perfect for Hermione, very sensible, and very embarrassed on my behalf all the time. Even walking down the street with her, I think I embarrass her" Jim Kay on his niece being inspiration for Hermione in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

" Dumbledore’s portrait, the dried plant there is honesty, but on the honesty is also a little camouflaged praying mantis insect. It’s saying there is honesty, but with a catch, with Dumbledore. There’s also a little bottle of dragon’s blood, because he wrote a book on dragon’s blood when he was younger. There’s knitting, of course, because he likes to knit."

When I first read that there was going to be an illustrated edition of Harry Potter and Sorcerer's Stone I had thought that it would strictly be a book of illustrations, but no. There are descriptive paragraphs that go with the illustrations. That's pretty cool. 

I'm psyched for the illustrated edition of the Chamber of Secrets. It comes out on October 4th of this year (on my sister's birthday)! What do you guys think? Was this new edition a hit a miss? I definitely think it was hit!

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