Waterfall (Teardrop #2) by Lauren Kate

Monday, May 2, 2016


2 out of 5 stars

*My thoughts as expressed by Britney Spears (for melodramatic emphasis)

I've come to realize that this the very first book I' have given two stars as a rating in this blog. I ventured into the territory of the unmerciful. But I just couldn't with this book. It was so SLOW and dragging. Half the time I didn't know what was going on. I was bombarded with a bunch of new terms and information, I couldn't keep up with what was going on. But I think it was more that it all just didn't make sense. The last fifty pages or so took the WEIRDEST TURN. If I thought I was lost in the first half of the book, then I was completely out of it when I hit the three hundred page mark. I had literally no idea what was going on! It was ridiculous. I had expected more from Lauren Kate. I loved her Fallen series, so naturally, I had high expectations going into this book, but I was deeply disappointed. The writing was great, as per usual, the storyline was okay, but the sequence of events and different concepts that were introduced were what got to me. This was how my face looked most of the time:

At one point Ander blames himself for Trenton's (Eureka's Dad) wounds. Eureka denies this and claims was her fault because she cried. At this point, I'm just rolling my eyes as they go back and forth. But then I really thought about it. Eureka said if she hadn't cried to begin with, none of what had happened would have happened. "'It's not your fault,' she said, None of them would have been here in the first place if Eureka hadn't cried. Dad would be home battering okra over his oil splattered stove top, singing "Aint No Sunshine' to Rhoda, wouldn't have been gone.'It's my fault'." My response: Umm, did everybody just forget about the other Seedbearers? Or were they not a problem? They wouldn't have let them be if Eureka hadn't cried. So, essentially, she saved them all (expect Rhoda, who couldn't have been saved anyway). Yes, she killed millions of people in the process, but hey, who's counting? (they certainly aren't) So, no, no okra battering, no singing would be going on regardless.
Another thing that bothered me so much was the fact that Eureka took on her "evil" role only after she found out that she was a descendant of Delphine rather than Selene. It was frustrating. Only after finding this out, she's all of a sudden a murderer and traitor who needs to die.

This is the kind of book that screams you-have-to-write-another-series-or-your-contract-with-us-will-be-terminated. I feel like Lauren's heart wasn't into writing this book. And I say this, again, because I've read her other books before and they were great, I don't know what happened here.
I have NEVER wanted to finish reading a book so BADLY before in my life. It was bad. I felt ashamed at myself, but also astonished that I had actually done it. This is how I came out (those are tears of joy):
Oddly enough, there was a mention of the Grimm Reaper, and I was instantly reminded of Red Rising by Pierce Brown where Darrow, the main character was nicknamed the Reaper. Somehow that begged the question of if this series was as good as the Red Rising trilogy, and the answer to that is no. Not even remotely. So did I like it? Did I enjoy it?

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