Open Letters: Sansa Stark (In Response to TV Guide's Open Letter to Sansa)

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Whoa, two open letters in one month? What a feat! The reason I wrote another open letter this month, is because I feel almost obligated to send one to Sansa Stark (a Game of Thrones character) to mitigate the effects of the open letter TV Guide wrote to her advising her not to openly vocally challenge Jon lest those opposed to him do the same and ultimately revoke his title as the King in the North.

Dearest Sansa,

You have recently received correspondence from a certain TV Guide writer and I hope her chastising didn't have too hard an impact on you. In fact, I wholeheartedly stand by decision (which might not have been a conscious one) to undermine Jon's authority. The writer of the letter I'm sending this in response to did not consider the fact that Jon was in a position of power before he was killed. It might not have been the glorious title of the King in the North, but he was Lord Commander. Before accepting the title of the King in the North, he surely and critically analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of holding such a high position, again. Besides, Jon has been challenged during his reign well before you made your argument. Your silence won't change the fact that a few of the Brothers of the Night's Watch and the Clansmen believe that certain things should be handled in a way different from how Jon thinks they should be dealt with.

Trust me, he's learned his lesson and knows to expect resistance from his fellow Brethren and the Clan Leaders. He might not expect your opposing opinions, but not for the reason you think. On a different note, I agree with the other writer of the open letter about not playing into Littlefinger's trap. I distinctly remember your brief scene with him in "Dragonstone" and I applaud you for calling him out on his failed attempt at manipulation, but just remember he made a career out of manipulating people and having them do his bidding in King's Landing, don't make the mistake of thinking you know what his plans and motives are, because you will lose in the end if you do so. Do not let your guard down!


P.S- Take care of yourself and Jon. Try not to get yourself killed this season!

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