Shatter Me (Shatter Me #1) by Tahereh Mafi

Sunday, June 7, 2015


3.5-4 out of 5 stars

So I finished this one and I liked it. I mean, the first few chapters were a little slow and initially, I didn't know exactly what was going on, but I liked it. I find it a little odd that this book is comprised of a handful of characters, most of whom appear in the last half or quarter of the book. There were Juliette and Adam and Warner, and then everyone else appeared later on, but I guess that was how the author wanted it.

THE GOODS: 1) I like how Tahereh wrote the story, the analogies she used, the descriptions she made, awesome. I like her writing. 2) The way she wrote Juliette's POV, she clearly wanted to elicit Juliette as on the verge of insanity, which is understandable considering she was locked up for nearly a year without so much as a word or glimpse of anyone AND she was basically neglected and ignored her whole life. I would also be on the verge of insanity if I wasn't yet insane. 3) I like how Warner and Adam are immune to Juliette's lethal touch, Greek and that they could possibly be harboring gifts or abilities that they're not yet aware of. 4) Omega Point- The last letter of the Greek alphabet, Omega Point, the last line of defense, the last establishment. I like that, really well thought out.

THE BADS: 1) I felt like I didn't get much of an explanation of description of the outside world. I mean, yeah I got that there was a spur of disease and a shortage of food and a change of weather and the clouds weren't the same color anymore, but why? What happened? Why did the changes occur? Of course, later on, I find out that the Reestablishment was trying to change things, take power and the only way to do that was to evoke fear and manipulate people who will gladly allow the power to go to a people or person that promises change and improvement. 2) Also, there was a whole lotta making out in this one. I'm sorry that Juliette wasn't able to touch anyone for most of her life, but come on. A LOT of this book is Adam and Juliette making out. And then that one time with Warner, which I'm not complaining about because it was once and was necessary for her escape. Besides, she didn't enjoy it (or did she?) and Warner was the one who came on her but- ANYWAYS...

THE-I'M-NOT-SURE-IF-I-LIKE-OR-NOT-BITS: 1) In the beginning of the book I thought Shatter Me was sort of different than any of the books I've read what with the girl going half insane and rambling about nothing, then I when I found out there was a shortage of food and there were sectors and there was the Reestablishment and there were rebels, I was like "hey this is an awful lot like the hunger games" but it was unfair for me to say that because that's not what this story is like, Shatter Me is its own story. I don't even know why I thought it was like the hunger games, and then finally when I found that Juliette wasn't the only one with powers, I was like "hey, X-men" but no. I can't help but compare books with other books and I hate it when critics or authors say "It's a mix of Harry Potter and the Hunger Games!" or "It's almost like so and so book", most of the time these comparisons are hardly accurate.

So yeah I liked this book and I want to read the next in the series, I can't wait to see what Juliette and the others at Omega Point are going to do next and what her training will consist of and what Adam and Warner's powers are going to be and yeah. *breathless*

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