7 Dilemmas All Excessive Readers Are Faced With...

Monday, June 22, 2015

If you're like me and you read excessively, then there at least 7 dilemmas you're faced with:

1. We can't carry ALL of our books everywhere- Whether it's just another day at school or work or you're actually going away for a little while, if you're an excessive reader like me then you have to take a few books with you, regardless of where it is you're going. The dilemma is this: You don't know what books to take. You spend more time trying to decide what books to bring along with you than the time you take to dress up.

2. Can I borrow your book? Irresponsible borrowers- This is easily one of the most infuriating questions of all time. To nice readers, at least. To us, this is a dilemma. You feel conflicted because you want to be nice and lend your book to this person, but at the same time you don't want your book to be destroyed because of that person's careless habits (and by destroyed I mean a crinkled cover or a folded page which is, admittedly, an exaggeration but nontheless a plausible and needed exaggeration)

3. We don't have an unlimited money supply- The title is self-explanatory. We don't have an unlimited amount of money to spend on books, unfortunately.

4. So many books, so little time- If you have the money to buy all the books (unlikely) then you don't have the time. You have so many books in your to-read shelf on goodreads, but don't always have the time to read them, you try to make time but with fruitless results, you end up reading for two-three hours, five on a good day.

5. Buggles (Non-readers), don't understand our passion- You're always bombarded with the same questions from buggles (the non-reader version of muggles, see what I did there?): 'How can you like reading?', 'Why do you read?', 'Why do you read so much?', or my all time favorite question 'How can you read such a big book?'. Whatever the answers to the questions may be, the askers are never satisfied, they seem fascinated somehow by your reading habits. Most leave you alone, but others aren't as merciful.

6. Patience is a virtue, it just isn't ours- One of the worst possible things an excessive reader could do is read a book that's the first in a series and the next books haven't been released yet. I have made that mistake numerous times. But I've learned my lesson...mostly. These days, I try to pick up books of a completed series or stand alones. I can't wait a year for the next book, it's ludicrous! Patience is a virtue, it just isn't mine.

7. End of series depression- The range of emotions us readers feel while reading a series is alomst uncomprehendible to other humans, let alone the depression that's comes along with finishing a series. I experienced this depression, I talked to my doctor and he diagnosed it as the "End of series" depression. He suggested that I add Abilify to my anti-depressants. I wish I had talked to my doctor sooner, now I feel I can control my "End of series" depression. Abilify isn't for everyone. Talk to your doctor about the medication, and see if it right for you. You may also be eligible for a 14-day trial today. Don't let your depression control you, take control of your "End of series" depression today!

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