Alienated (Alienated #1) by Melissa Landers

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


4.0 out of 5 stars

Well, I'm just beginning to read alien books and I love them. This one, in particular, was quite interesting. The whole concept of an exchange program between alien species was pretty cool, and the characters weren't bad either.

Cara Sweeney is the protagonist/heroine of the story. She is an incredibly intelligent high school senior and is the valedictorian of her class (she beat Marcus Johnson to it) who happened to be chosen by the Elders of the planet L'eihr as one of three hosts for the "foreign" exchange student program. Cara is an admirable girl. She's smart, sarcastic, fairly mature, a ticking time-bomb with a quick temper, but admirable no less. Aelyx (pronounced A-licks, apparently) is the extraterrestrial student Cara is to welcome in her home. He's a real man's alien. I mean, he's alien standards. He's a complete bore at first. You might think he means to be witty and sarcastic in his communication, but whatever you and I might think is sarcasm is complete truth to him. His kind is much more "evolved" than the human race, so apparently, that's what the L'eihrs think is evolution. Tedious personalities and a boring sense of humor. Some evolution.

Anyway, so as the book progresses, he begins to "develop" human spirit. He begins to feel emotion more intensely-anger or otherwise-his opinions of the human race, or rather of a certain, single human begin to change. Where in the beginning he would try to distance himself from Cara as much as possible, he later finds himself defending her. Not only that, he starts to feel attracted to Cara, which is only partially due to a few hours of watch erotica videos. It's mostly because of his being surrounded by humans that don't restrain their emotions, be it anger or lust *cough* Mr. & Mrs. Sweeney *cough* that he feels this attraction to Cara. The longer he stays with her, the more he finds himself wanting to be with her and *spoiler spoiler spoiler*.

If I let anymore I feel like I'd spoil the book for potential readers. So, I thought it was an awesome book. I definitely want to read the next one. Invaded, is the title of the next and most recent book in the series and I'll certainly check it out. 

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