Random Post: A Good Book + A Cup of Coffee = A Match Made In Heaven

Saturday, July 4, 2015

This isn't so much an informal or enlightening post as it is an observation. Books and coffee. Who knew that such an unlikely pair could turn out to be a great combination. Why is it that these two pleasures-one aesthetic and another an essential (at least for me)- go so well together? Is there a scientific reason behind it, or am I just over thinking things again? It seems like a silly question to ask, and maybe it is, but thought provoking no less. So I conducted some research on the matter (yes, I went that far) and found that there is absolutely no correlation between the two. I entered "Why do coffee and books go so well together?" into the Google search engine and got some ridiculously unrelated results. Some results like "Why sports and sham morality go so well together" and "Why do cigarettes and coffee go so well together?" made me lose complete hope in the internet.

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