Open Letters: Rose Hathaway (The Vampire Academy Series)

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Dear my fiery Roza,

*Attempting to play cool and indifferent* Hey Rose! What's up, girl? How's goin'? I wrote (or rather, typed) this letter for because I wanted to discuss a few things with you. I have nothing to complain about to you about, unlike previous recipients of my letters, (*cough* basically everyone *cough*) you're already amazing, wonderful, and perfect, and everything a reader can ask for. Even the mistakes you make are perfect because ultimately, they lead to perfect moments. Except maybe Mason, his death was a tragic mistake, but maybe it was for the best. Maybe if he survived the attack, he might've held you back from Dimitri (even if only temporarily). I'm not here to try to convince you to hand over Dimitri or persuade you to leave him for me because I actually think you guys are perfect together and for each other. 
Speaking of you and Dimitri anyway, how're you dealing with the long-distance relationship? Is all well? I sort of got a glimpse of it when you were helping Sydney and Adrian out. Oh, Sydney and Adrian are a thing by the way and have been for quite a while now. Actually, now that I think about it, I do have one thing to scold you for: and that's Adrian. And it's not about breaking up with him. That might have just been the best thing you've ever done for him. What I don't like is when you bring him down. Maybe you don't realize it because of the façade he puts up, but it does hurt his feelings. If he makes a mistake, you (and everyone he knows) dismiss it as an "Adrian thing" or say that he's Adrian whatever makes he makes are expected of him. Labels and expectations stick, you of all people should know that. 


P.S- I still think you're perfect.

* The girl in the picture is Zoey Deutch who played Rose in the movie Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters. 

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