Character Match-Making

Friday, May 6, 2016

New segment! (I'm just filled with new ideas, aren't I?) In these Character Match-Making posts-it's self-explanatory, really- I'll be pairing characters up based on their personalities and qualities. I haven't really seen this feature anywhere in the book blogging community, so I guess I'll be initiating it. This is exciting! I have plans guys, I have plans.

The first two people I'll be coupling are Jace Herondale and Emma Carstairs. This is kind of a given since Emma was just so eager to get with him when she was younger. I thought I'd make twelve year old Emma's dream come true.

Besides, I think they'll be good together. They share a number of characteristics, goals, and values. Below I'll be giving reasons why they would be great together. This should be fun!

This may just be the most important factor in relationships, generally. The fact that they have similar beliefs, goals, etc. is one of reasons why they would be good together. They'll do especially if they fight demons together. They're both stealthy, clever, and practical. 

A lot of times these Shadowhunters find themselves in situations they hadn't anticipated, or difficult ones that the average person wouldn't know what to do in. When you find Jace and Emma in complicated circumstances, they're quick to think of multiple ways to get themselves out.

 Oh my God, this has got to be the main reason these two have to get together. No other people appreciate and/or make sarcastic comments as well as they do. I feel as though their relationship would be mostly built on sarcastic banter, among other things. Emma and Jace aren't the kind of couple that would balance each other out, they're too alike to have that affect on each other. 

Interestingly enough, both Emma and Jace live with families not their own, yet they're extremely loyal to them. How many times have you read Jace take a hit for Isabel or Alec, or Emma say she didn't go to the Shadowhunter Academy because she wanted to stay with the Blackthorns.

Jace's ancestor Will Herondale and Emma's Jem Carstairs were parabatai, so it's only fitting that they keep that connection alive. That's not to say that anyone whose ancestors shared friendships should get together, but Jace and Emma have enough in common to make it work, I think.

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