Soundtrack Sunday: Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf

Sunday, May 8, 2016

I thought I'd mix things up a little and make this Sunday's soundtrack about a couple instead of just of the typical book. However, this soundtrack is based on the TV Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf, because apparently, the literature Chuck Bass was gay. So there's that. I love this couple. I was (am) a die hard fan. Going into the show, I knew Chuck and Blair were going to end up being a thing, I knew it. They are not your conventional, everyday couple. Sure, they had their own ups and downs and take the occasional dig at each other, but I knew they were forever. It was a ship I was willing to go down with (one I knew wasn't going to sink)

Because they're both such complex characters individually, and even more complex collectively, I chose songs that had were subtle, but meaningful. So what  I did was create a soundtrack for the Gossip Girl seasons 1-6 and chose song I thought suited Chuck and Blair's relationship that season. A lot of the songs' titles are deceiving. They say one thing, but the artist is really singing about another. You're in for a puzzling treat! Without further ado, here's the soundtracks:


What do you guys think of these soundtracks? Are they accurate? Do you guys ship Chuck and Blair? Were they doomed to fail?

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