TV Shows: Game of Thrones Season 6: End of Season Review

Friday, October 21, 2016

I know I'm super late with this post, but I've been trying to do this season justice. Season six of GoT ended months ago, but I am still in awe, shock, and a range of different emotions that ensure I am definitely NOT over it and won't be for another year or so, just in time for season seven. Unless, the rumors are true and season premier will be delayed another month or so, in which case I will not be okay for another year and a half.

This season was arguably the best season of any series. People have argued that the series finale was the best since Lost, but since I haven't watched Lost I can't back up the claim. But I will say that the last two episodes of season six have confirmed that GoT is the best show there is and quite possibly will ever be. Period.

Pre- Season 6:
Me: "I'm ready, I'm ready. I'M READY!"

Post- Season 6:
Me: *Left utterly speechless*

After the tragic death of Hordor and the revelation that the reason Hordor only says "Hordor" is because of Bran's interference with the past, Benjen Stark, Bran's long lost uncle aids Bran and Meera in temporarily delaying the White Walkers' inevitable attack on Westeros. Instead of killing an actress she was closely watching like she was ordered to, Arya warns her that she a fellow actress has wished her dead, the Waif was then ordered to dispatch of her. Tommen demotes Jamie from his position as the leader of the King's guard after he attempts to spare Margaery from the High Sparrow, who had- by then- already converted to the Faith.

The start of this episode was one of my favorite moments this season. In it we learn that the Hound is in fact, alive, something I suspected to be true for a while. He's found honest work with a small village-in-progress number of people. The people are a hardworking and all-around good people, which is REALLY saying something for this show. For the first five minutes or so, I pretended that all was well in Westeros...until three men from the Brotherhood Without Banners show up. They slaughter everyone in the village, save for the Hound who was busy chopping wood for fires and such. The Hound eventually goes heads back to the village and sees what had been done. He knows exactly who was responsible and confronts the three men and kills them (they had shown up earlier that same day). In Braavos, Arya is attacked and stabbed by the Waif, she apparently "kills" the Waif while sporting multiple stabs in her abdomen. I'm not so sure I believe that, but that's a discussion for another day (look out for a crackpot theories post in the coming months, ideally a few weeks before the premier of season 7). 
Trial by combat, a long standing ritual throughout Westeros is banned by Tommen. In its place he sets trials by faith, which as we all know, does not bode well for the majority of Westrosians, particularly Cersei. At Riverrun, Brienne tries to convince Brynden "Blackfish" Tully to surrender after she promises Jamie that she will get Tullys to do so. Her attempt is a failed one, as a result, Jamie threatens to kill a captured Edmure Tully's son. Emdure, perceived to be the true powers that be in Riverrun, is obeyed when he tells his soldiers to stand down. Blackfish vehemently urges that the soldiers to fight to protect Riverrun. In the end, the soldiers- more loyal to Edmure than his elder- surrender and open the gates for Jamie and his force. Brienne and Pod narrowly escape. In this episode, I was convinced Jamie reciprocated Brienne's feelings for him. They like each other, but refuse to act on their feelings. Tyrion plays the role of temporary ruler in Daenerys's stead, who returns just as the city is under attack by slavers who do not approve of the abolishment of slavery.
Woo! This here is the episode we were all waiting for: the ultimate demise of Ramsay Bolton, the most hated character since King Joffrey. But, prior to the Battle, Daenerys tries to come to terms with the slavers in Meereen. They, of course, refuse her offer so she burns down their entire fleet by dragon fire and permanently establishes her rule. You can be sure nobody's going to even think of crossing her again. In Meereen at least. The rest of the world hasn't yet had the privilege (more great disadvantage, really) to see what she's capable of. Even, Theon and Yara Greyjoy swear an oath of allegiance to her. Yara even hints that she wouldn't mind
wedding Daenerys. Smooth Yara, very smooth. Back to the Battle. The creators of the show have a way of making a battle or fight between people look like it can go either way, and that's exactly what they did in this episode. For instance, I knew Jon Snow was going to emerge victorious. He just had to, but about halfway through the episode his forces were spent and seemed very much like Ramsay was actually going to win. But of course, he doesn't. I mean, how terrible would that be? Game of Thrones fans would revolt against the Dan and David. They've done this to us before, but this would have been unacceptable. Thankfully, Sansa recruited a force of her own, the Knights of the Vale, courtesy to her betrothed. Ramsay is later devoured by his own dogs who weren't fed for days. Sansa quotes him when he tells her that the dogs would not eat him because they are loyal, I realized this later on, but Sansa wasn't present when he said so.

The last episode of each GoT season is one that I try to savor. Before I delve into the wonderfulness that is the tenth episode of season 6, just for a second, I want to focus on the GIF immediately above. Yes, yes, it may just be Tyrion accepting the title of the Queen's Hand, but if you analyze it, it looks like Tyrion's eyes are lingering on Daenerys's face! If you look even closer you could see the spark in his eyes. Don't laugh, its there. And if you've seen the episode, then you might remember that they both had their eyes on each other for good long while before they so reluctantly looked away. If this little scene was insinuating what I think it was insinuating, then I would wholeheartedly throw in my lot with them. They are great for each other, and have much in common: They come from a powerful family, they both have (or had) fathers they aren't entirely proud of, they're almost always underestimated, and they're all around good people.

Okay, so Cersei-who has been relatively quiet for most of the season-finally gets her revenge. I knew she was going to something of this expanse, it was only a matter of time. I had my suspicions about the wildfire, but I wasn't sure exactly how she was going to go about it. It seems she had this planned for a while: On the day of her trial, while everyone (truly everyone, well with the exception of Tommen who was told by her bodyguard to wait in his chamber) was waiting for her in the Sept. She obviously doesn't show up. Margaery realizes too late that Cersei wasn't going to attend her trial and warns the High Sparrow and tries to convince him of such, but to no avail. The wildfire errupts and kills every person in the Sept, these were the Tyrells, city nobles and the members of the Faith Militant. Honestly, I didn't find Cersei's crime all that despicable. The High Sparrow was getting on my last nerve, so I don't blame her much for killing him along with the rest of his sect. I was sort of sad to see Margaery go though, I thought she would live through an additional season, least. Tommen in grief throws himself out of his window. Cersei, naturally, names herself Queen, Jamie watched her take the throne with what might have been confusion and slight distaste.

In other news, Daenerys and her multitude finally set sail for Westeros. We needn't get too excited now. For all we know, they might make a few pit stops and reach their final destination some time next century. The powers that be in Westeros and beyond are gradually withering away. The show started off with what seemed to be at least twenty major players, now we're left with a handful. I cannot wait to for the next season and how the White Walkers will play into this narrative.

What do guys think? You let me do all of the talking, now its your turn. Let me know how you feel about the second half of season 6. What are some of your theories/predictions?

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