Monthly Wrap-ups: August & September 2016

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The summer was mostly a slow- blogging month for me, as you can so obviously tell, what with the lack of posts. It wasn't so much that I didn't have the opportunity to publish reviews and other posts, I definitely did. It was more of the fact that I wanted to take a short break, and the short break sort of got out of hand. Initially, the hiatus was supposed to last about two or three weeks, instead, I got carried away and let it go on for almost two months ("carried away" isn't really the right phrase though, it has a positive connotation, and I didn't really enjoy the "break"). When I started blogging again, which was some time last week, I felt a sense of great relief; I felt awesome blogging again. However, my absence from the blogging platform didn't mean I stopped reading. In fact, I read quite a few books over the summer, ones that I haven't quite posted the reviews for yet, but will be doing so in the very near future.

Also, my birthday was on September 4! I am now officially 20! (how can you be so unofficially?) I feel old and decrepit. My 20th was marked by my first real financial hurdle. Now, I'm truly starting to experience the burden that is adulthood. I guess you can feel a certain age overnight! So far, 20 is treating me well, but I don't like it. Not at all. Take me back one year!

The Young Elites (The Young Elites #1) by Marie Lu
The Rose Society (The Young Elites #2) by Marie Lu
Red Queen (Red Queen #1) by Victoria Aveyard

This is a playlist I created for my Arabic music. As you may or may not know, I'm Arab (but I'm convinced, and pretty certain my maternal relatives are Eastern European, their physical features suggest as much). My parents are Sudanese so I was exposed to different aspects of Arab pop culture growing up. Anyway, I missed listening to Arabic music so I created a playlist just for Arabic songs. One of the criticisms I have of Arabic music though is that its very narrow in terms of genre. The majority of songs are pop-oriented. There isn't much diversity. Regardless, I love it and listen to this playlist whenever I felt patriotic (which has happened a lot in the past weeks) The artists are mostly Lebanese, Egyptian, Tunisia, and Iraqi. I would recommend you listen to it even if you don't understand Arabic. They're mostly love songs, you'll get the jist of them.

I don't know quite where to begin in describing this show...oh wait, I know! IT'S AMAZING! I know what your reaction is. You might be thinking something along the lines of  "This looks like crap" or "What's so great about this?" but you just wait and I'll tell you why it's so good. It looks like a low budget show and it might well be, but its awesome: The show centers on five delinquent youths who land themselves in community service. One day, as they're carrying out their community service duties, a storm brews and the lot get struck by lightening. But this isn't your run-of-the-mill thunderstorm. The lightening strikes equip each of them with superpowers. They begin to realize this as they all agree that they haven't been feeling like themselves. Some of the actors may look familiar, and that probably because you've seen them before. For instance, Nathan Young is played by Robert Sheehan who played the role of Simon Lewis in the City of Bones movie. Simon Bellamy is played by Iwan Rheon who played the role of Ramsey Bolton in Game of Thrones since season three, I think. The brief synopsis I just gave might sound a bit tacky, but give this show a chance. You won't regret it. Trust me, its awesome!

Warning: The regular cast is replaced by another after season three.

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