Fallen (Fallen #1) by Lauren Kate

Friday, October 14, 2016


3.5 out 5 stars

This was the third maybe even the fourth time I've read this book, and I still remember my first impression of it. I was taken up by the great story, but was simultaneously confused and teeming with anger because of the lack of closure and answers to the many questions I had, some of which I felt should have been answered in the first book. For example, one of the minor questions was regarding Parents Day at Sword and Cross. If Gabe, Roland, and the others were supposedly immortal celestial beings, how did they have mortal families? Did their families not notice the fact that their adopted did not age? As for Arriane, how was Annabelle (another angel) her sister? Do angels have siblings? How does that work? Do angels reproduce? 
Another concern of mine: If Daniel, Gabe, Arriane and Cam, Molly and Roland were supposedly immortal enemies, how could they interact with each other so casually so much so that they would attend the same school? How is it that they all came to be at the same place? They had the expanse of the entire earth, yet they all landed in the same reform school. Are angels- in this series world at least- bound to end up in the same place regardless of what they do to escape each other? If that's the case, then where are the rest of the fallen angels? Or is this group of misfits the only one that fell from heaven? Interesting.
Despite reading Fallen for the third or fourth time, I love it just as much as I did the first time around. I would absolutely recommend it to those who enjoy reading fantasy and/or angel-fiction. I know I complained about how frustrating it can be at times, but as the series goes along, it gets better.

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