Movie News: The "Fallen" Trailer Discussion

Sunday, October 16, 2016

After years, not months or weeks, but years of patience. The trailer for the Fallen movie has FINALLY been released, along with an anticipated release date, but I'll address that issue later. I've been a fan of Lauren Kate's Fallen series for quite a long while now, I'd read the very first book about three or four years ago and I recently published a brief review of the book which can be found here. I've read the first three installments maybe four times since then. Sometime along that period, I came across a tweet- I think it was- published by Lauren Kate claiming that the rights to the theatrical adaptation of Fallen were bought by some major entertainment production company. I was ecstatic. It didn't take very long to recruit cast members and begin filming.

I had certain people in mind for the film but wasn't bothered at all when they weren't cast. A Fallen film was production! i didn't particularly care who was cast at that point. Besides, Jeremy Irvine could pull off his character, Daniel and Addison Timlin could pull off hers. I was content. However, weeks passed, then months and no new information had been put out about the Fallen movie. After about six months or so, I was sure it had entered its post-production phase and it had. I just wasn't sure what they were waiting for. We (the fans) were given nothing more than single picture of Cam (played by Harrison Gilbertson), Daniel and Luce (played by Jeremy Irvine and Addison Timlin, respectively). I was all we had for subsequent months and I gave up. Until, a few days ago, my sister found the trailer. I was skeptical of its officiality, I was convinced that it was one of those fan made trailer, but, of course, it wasn't.

Together, my sister and I watched the Fallen trailer. I knew what I was in for: a slightly cliche, inaccurate representation of a well-loved book, but I was ready and I expected it. But that didn't stop me from laughing throughout the duration of the video. I wasn't exactly laughing at its ridiculousness, because it wasn't ridiculous as much as it was how I anticipated it to be. The very first thing I noticed was Luce's hair, it was supposed to be cropped, it wasn't in the film. Next, in the book Roland suggests that Luce check out the Special Collections in library after she visits Arriane and finds that she isn't in her room. In the movie, Miss Sophia tells her to do so and there she finds Daniel who isn't drawing a landscape mind you, but is dozing off. Third, when the statue of the angel comes toppling down, Luce just stares up at it, Daniel swoops in and "saves" her. The scene in the book was written in a more plausible way, Luce wasn't paying attention to the statue. In the movie it was as if she was waiting for it crush her.

All in all, the trailer was alright. I definitely will watch it when it hits theaters, or rather if it theaters. Apparently, the anticipated release of the movie is between November 10th and February of next year. That's preposterous, is it not? But I conditioned myself not to concerned with book adaptations anymore. So if they decide to show the movie this century, I'll got see it and if they don't I won't think much of it.

Here's the trailer we've all been waiting for:

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