The Young Elites (The Young Elites #1) by Marie Lu

Friday, December 9, 2016



4.5 out of 5 stars

I bought this book along with Rose Society (the second book in the series), on a whim over the summer, and I don't usually purchase books on a whim. I follow a carefully constructed list of books based on priority, which takes into account two facts: 1) when I added a particular book to my to-read list on Goodreads and 2) how much I want to read the book. However, Goodreads (ironically) sends out daily emails listings eBooks on sale and when I saw the two books on sale (The Young Elites and Rose Society), I bought them immediately! 
I was thoroughly surprised. Not because I had any low expectations or anything, but because I didn't know precisely what to expect. I purchased Marie Lu's Legend series months prior, on eBay, but never really got around to reading it. So the Young Elites was my first Marie Lu book.

Set in a world that had been hit by a terrible plague that killed many, The Young Elites tells the story of Adelina (and numerous characters) who suffered the repercussions of the plague. Those who weren't killed by the plague were marked with peculiar scars on their bodies. Many of the scarred wielded inexplicable powers that made them dangerous, they are called the Young Elites. Years after the plague, Adelina discovers that she has her own power and sets off to find others like her (not her initial intention, but still). 

Adelina grew up in a most dysfunctional household, a father that abused her. He knew she was unfit for marriage and undesirable because of she was a malfetto, and abomination. She has a favored younger sister that doesn't interfere with her father's abusive tendencies, and a mother taken by the plague. However, despite all she's been through, Adelina is a tough-as-nails character with a strong personality and is seriously misunderstood (for the most part.)
I loved the fact that the romance between Adelina and Enzo-the leader of the Young Elites- was not emphasized or dwelled upon very much. A lot of stories need a love interest for the main character to make/keep things interesting, but in all honestly, if Adelina didn't one, I'd have been just as impressed with the book because there were a number of different dynamics at play. One being Adelina and Raffaele's (another Elite) strictly platonic relationship, I was saddened when they grew (violently) apart, but it was nice while it lasted. Another was Adelina's hateful relationship with Teren- the leader of the Inquision axis- whose disturbingly desperate goal is to wipe out the Young Elites and malfettos in general (also ironic). It'l be interesting to see what these characters and relationships develop into.

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