Movies: Fallen by Lauren Kate: Post-Production

Thursday, October 29, 2015


So, what's up with the Fallen movie? Is it ever going to hit theaters? They finished filming forever ago, and its been in the post productions stage for a while now! We any pictures to go on, about what to expect and such, let alone a trailer.

When Lauren Kate that the Fallen series was going to be adapted into a series of movies, like, five years ago (Kidding, it wasn't that long ago, but close enough) I was super psyched! The rights to the movie were purchased by Disney, and I thought, cool, but a lot of books' movie rights are bought, but sometimes the movie doesn't even happen. Next, Luce and Daniel were cast! I thought, awesome, maybe this really is going to happen!

Then, after everyone was cast, they started filming! In Budapest! And just when I thought things couldn't get any better, it was announced that the movie would be released in a few months! At that point, of course, I was estatic. I really could not wait. Every we or so, I would check IMDB for a trailer. In the beginning I let it slidd because I knew that they hadn't even finished filming, and even after the filming was wrapped up, I cut them some slack because I knew I was getting ahead of myself.

But then, weeks past, then months. Still no trailer, no specific release date. The filmmakers had announced that a movie for the second book, Torment, was in the production phase. I thought that was great, except, the first movie hasn't even been released yet and they're already in the process of making a second movie?! I'm sort of conflicted with this because, from a sensible person's POV this would be bad because what if Fallen doesn't do that well. What if the monetary goal isn't met? I read somewhere that the budget for this movie was like $40 mil. But, because I don't think like a sensible person, at least not always (I like to think that I have the mind of a professional fangirl) I partly think that its fabulous that they already started to make the second movie! I love their enthusiasm. why is the Fallen movie being delayed? I don't know for sure. But hey, this is a good reason to talk about the not-yet-out Fallen movie right? I take every chance I can get. (Except, of course, it'd be better if we knew when the movie will be out) So basically, this is my rant. Talking about why the movie isn't out yet, but not we're not really getting anywhere either (in terms of answers)

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