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Sunday, October 25, 2015

This week's (I decided its going to be an every weekend thing) recommendations of the if you like this....then read this segment books are *drum roll*: A Quest of Heroes by Morgan Rice and City of Burning Shadows by Barbara J. Webb. So, if you've ever read and liked A Quest of Heroes, then read City of Burning Shadows, or vice versa. I absolutely love both books. I think they're underrated. A Quest of Heroes is the first of about fourteen or fifteen books. I've only read the first on, but I own the second and will get to reading it soon It was incredible (the one I read). The other book, City of Burning Shadows was one that I entered a giveaway for and won a signed copy of! I honestly didn't know that it was going to be as good as it was prior to receiving and reading it. It's always the underdogs and the underestimated ones that the best.

The reason I'm recommending these is not because they're alike or follow, similar stories or concepts. They don't, not even remotely. In fact, they take place in completely different worlds altogether. The reason is because, like I aforementioned, these books are both really great reads, but they're also underrated and not accredited enough.

The target audience for A Quest of Heroes, in my opinion, were teenagers and young adults. On the other hand, young adults and adults were the intended readers for City of Burning Shadows. The writing and content is a little more mature than that of A Quest of Heroes. For instance, in A Quest of Heroes a boy touching a girl he likes hand is made to be a big deal, whereas in City of Burning Shadows sex was trivial (not that it happened a lot or anything).

Anyways, I read A Quest of Heroes during a road trip to Cali, it was a significantly long one too (I live in New Jersey, yeah imagine that), so I got a lot of reading done. I think I finished it in a day or so (I didn't want to rush through it). After I finished reading the book, I remember wanting the second one (A March of Kings) really, really badly. So basically, this book is about a boy named Thor who comes from a small village and has big dreams. Dreams that his father and older brothers laugh at him for. He badly wants to become a knight of the King's Court, a prestigious and difficult position to get a hold of. The men of King's Court protect their province, called the Ring from monstrous and supernatural creatures. Thor's always felt that he's different (don't they always) from his brothers and the boys in his village and he's about to find out how different. I was surprised that this book received a fair amount of low ratings, it was great book! All I could think while reading their reviews was "What's wrong with these people?"

City of Burning Shadows is takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where the advancement of technology is slightly above our own, is populated by thirteen distinguishably different races that each have their own patron God. The apocalyptic aspect of this story is the Abandonment, which is when the Gods of all the races abandoned their people. The story focuses on Ash, a retired priest that is asked to protect an inventor who's technology can save the water-thirsty land of Miroc, which, without the goddess of rain is gradually dying. So Ash has to protect the inventor Spark from the technologically advanced race of Jansynians whom he believes are after her potentially be a salvage to their world.

I highly recommend both!

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