Open Letters: Introduction + Mr. Darcy (Pride & Prejudice)

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

So this is how the "Open Letters" concept is going to work, I'm going to write a "letter" to a fictional character and post it on here every other Saturday. It's basically what I would tell them if they...existed. It's really difficult for me to come to terms with the "fictional" character phenomenon. I'd very much like it if they actually existed. So this is the compromise: I'm going to write letters to "fictional" characters, ones I have come to know and love and say whatever it is I want to say. This, like aforementioned, is going to be a bi-weekly thing. I'm going to try to do one week for guys and the next for gals. In other words, one week is going to be devoted to writing a letter to a male character, and the next upcoming "Open Letters" week is going to be devoted to writing a letter to a female character. For example, this week I will be writing a letter to Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice, the week after the next I will write a letter to some female character I have yet to think of. Anyway, here goes:

Dear Mr. Darcy,

Or should I call you Fitzpatrick, a moniker you clearly condemn but we're given? I'm sorry, I don't want to get off on the wrong foot here. I'm very fond of you and do not want you to think otherwise. Besides, this is the first time I address you in any way so I do not want to screw up, but I probably am considering you probably do not understand my modern American-English. You are probably asking yourself "Who is this America?!" Right? I don't know. What time period are you in again? 18th, 19th century? Ugh, I'm Rambling. I'm going to make an attempt at speaking in your fancy British-18th century- English. I'll probably fail at this, but I'll try nonetheless. Here goes everything:

My dear Mr. Dracy,

Though it may not be widely thought, I believe that you are a very agreeable and noble man. People might not have so falsely perceived you to be an arrogant and prideful man if you but only displayed your true honest, and humble nature. You only let it truly show in Miss Elizabeth Bennett's presence, and even then that happened much later in your story than I would have preferred. Why? Why do you allow other people to see you as a prideful and prejudiced man who think all are inferior to him? What was your reasoning behind this? I acknowledge your many responsibilities, as the saying goes, "With money comes great responsibility" (Do you know that quote? I reckon it's after your time), but how can that be a plausible reasoning? A quick temper I'd sometimes said to be correlated with stress. However, what you show are superiority and excess pride so stress cannot be the answer to this. Why should you be stressed anyway? You're extremely rich, charming, handsome, and intelligent. Wh-. Why?

Why? Why? Just explain to me why you can't just be your real self, show your real personality. Then, people wouldn't dislike you so (that statement doesn't go for me, of course). Whatever.

Just know this:

I love you, Mr. Darcy.


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