Wattpad: A Rising Means to Book Publishing Venue?

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Wattpad is a site that allows it's user's to self-publish whatever reading material- whether it's a story, an essay or a collection of them- and make it available on the site to all its members. I myself have an account with Wattpad, not for writing, but to read stories. One thing you have to know about Wattpad is that there is a wide range of genres of stories to choose from. A lot of those stories are accounts of fanficiton, but to be fair there are also many good stories that aren't stories based on some teenage girls' fantasy. Some that may potentially be good books. In fact, some well-known books had been on Wattpad initially. Some of these books include: Nothing Left to Lose by Kristy Moseley, Silence by Natasha Preston (which I have in my nook library), and Broken Silence, also by Natasha Preston.

So is Wattpad a rising means to self-publishing venue? Yes, yes it is. More and more writers on Wattpad are publishing their books every year. Is it a good starting point for aspiring writers? Most certainly. Through Wattpad, you can get hundreds, and thousands, even millions of people to read your book(s) and recommend it to their friends. Those friends will read your book(s), recommend it to their friends and so on. When you finally decide you want to publish your book, the Wattpaders that have read it (even some that haven't) will support you by donating to raise money to help publish the book, or buy the book when it comes out. Either show of support is a win-win.

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