Book-To-Movie: Movie Reviews: The Scortch Trials

Sunday, October 4, 2015

PictureNew segment: In acknowledgement of the fact that a lot of books (especially Young adult fiction, my specialty) are being adapted to movies, I'll start to review the movies whose books I've read and compare them, though so far I've had some bad book-to-movie adaptation experiences *cough* City of Bones. Anyway, here my first review, the Scorch Trials, book two of the Maze Runner series by James Dashner:

Date watched: October 3, 2015
Where: At the movies

​Don't kill me, but I didn't like the movie too much. I was so excited for this movie, so excited, but it didn't live up to my expectations. Let me tell you why: First, the sequence of events was off. Instead of having everything happen one thing at a time, I feel like it was all compressed into one sequence and everything happened simultaneously. Second, a lot of the scenes weren't in sync with the book. I know that movies don't have to be in perfect sync with the books, but it doesn't hurt to make it more relevant with the book. The first movie, the Maze Runner was awesome, it was almost perfect, if I had written a review for that one, I would have rated it 4.5 stars. It was amazing. This one on the other hand, was okay. It wasn't amazing. I read the books, and I was kind of lost while watching it. More than once I thought, "Hey, who is that?" or "This wasn't supposed to happen" or even (more often then not) "Ugh, what!?!" At the beginning of the movie, all groups were put in some institution, each group was put in a dorm room, and every morning, afternoon, and evening they were guided into some main dinning hall were they all ate. That's another problem I have, weren't each group of gladers supposed to be put into their own apartment type place? They were supposed to have their own dinning room, living room, and sleeping quarters (they had last one in the movie). Something else, what was up with the tags that were supposed to be on the back of their necks? In the book they were actual words for example, in the book Thomas was "to be killed", Minho was "the leader", Newt was "the glue" and Theresa was "the betrayer". In the movie they had some sort QR looking bar code type thing. It was all so confusing. They were supposed to be visited by Janson "the rat man" sometimes for instructions on what to do next, and then eventually step into the silver disk thingy called the flat trans and leave the apartment that way. Instead, in the movie, they had to hold some doctor hostage, get Theresa from some hospital room and shoot their way of the WICKED institution. Again, it was all very confusing and weird.

Also, the movie seemed a little cheesy to me, I think it was the humor, more than anything else. Minho was the only one cracking jokes and they weren't even funny! So, I liked it, It was okay. But I certainly didn't love it, so, for that reason, I'm giving it three stars.


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