Open Letters: Patch Cipriano (The Hush, Hush Series)

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

* Note: I've had problems writing this letter (as I've had with the one to Mr. Darcy). I wrote like, three different drafts of this letter. I really wanted to write a letter to Patch, and tell how much I really love him, but I really didn't know how to come about it. Plus, I didn't want to accidentally tell him that I threatened, no, persuaded Nora to let me have him for five days a week [see Open Letters: Nora Grey (Hush, Hush)] I didn't want to give any reason to be suspicious either, I tried to choose my words wisely.

 Dear my lovely Patch,

This letter is completely spontaneous and has absolutely nothing to do with anything at all. Except you, of course. I write letters to characters that I love (and some that I don't) so that they know that I love them (or not). I'm just telling you this a disclaimer that this letter does not and will not have anything to do with a particular event, or any news that came or will come your way. By the way, this is a disclaimer that I provide all the characters I write to with. This isn't a disclaimer especially made for you. Really. Not that it would have anything to do with your life right now. Because, how would I know what your current life circumstances are? That's right, I wouldn't. *Desperately hoping I sounded convincing* So, how are you? How are things? How's Nora?I'm not just asking for any specific reason, just making small talk. This qualifies as small talk, right? Asking about the well being of your *clears throat* significant other, is just an attempt at small talk.

---At this point, I can just imagine him looking at me with his knowing black eyes, not saying anything, not believing squat, and waiting for me to continue lying my ass off.---

So, how's your friend Rixon? Oh...right, you sent him to hell...for lying, and for deception, and for trying to kill you. But I'm not trying to kill you though! *and abruptly adds*But I'm not lying about anything either! I don't have anything to lie about! *Laughs nervously*

You know what, I think I just heard someone calling me, so I'll just wrap this up and we could talk (or rather, I could write letters to you that you will never receive) some other time.


P.S- I love you!

*I don't know who the guy in the picture is, but I was looking for someone who looks like the Patch in my mind but I couldn't, so I got frustrated and just picked this guy.

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